Analytics and Data Services By The DataExperts

The Goal Of G2 Works

Our goal is to help healthcare organizations transform the way they process and use data in their organizations. Whatever the initiative, we want to help our clients turn their data into valuable information they can use to better care for patients and improve their financial outcomes.

Our DataExperts Help Organization Reach Their Goals

At G2 Works, we look beyond the numbers—and recognize that successful solutions start with good data, good people and solid relationships. Our DataExperts are superior at understanding your data, and that data is the foundation for the improved:
– outcomes
– operational efficiency and
– patient engagement
you are expecting from your technology.

G2 Works DataExperts are beyond compare. We strive to become a part of your team as we help to solve the problems that matter most to your organization. We guarantee our people will bring the necessary expertise, and also a level of commitment and understanding of data that’s quite rare in today’s healthcare environment.

Key Services

At G2 Works, you can access multiple services delivered by DataExperts with expertise in systems including, but not limited to:

    • Epic
    • Cerner
      • Cerner HS (fka Siemens HS)

Our services include:

    • Services & Implementation
    • Project Management and Planning
    • Data Governance
    • Implementation and Activation
    • Application Design
    • Application Build
    • Application Validation and Testing
    • Integration
      • Strategic planning
      • Staff Mentoring
      • Staff Augmentation
      • Engine Audit
    • Documentation and Training
    • Go-live and Post-live Support
    • Upgrades and Optimization
    • ICD-10
    • Revenue Cycle

Want To Learn More About G2 Works DataExpert Services?

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