ED Throughput Analytics provides an automated analysis of HL-7 hospital data to provide real time measures and benchmark comparisions on various aspects of ED Throughput. Many of these measures are in accordance with quality standards set forth by The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality and The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

Key Services / Benefits

    • Improve the efficiency in which ED throughput reporting is done by reducing periodic labor intensive spreadsheet an reporting tool work.
    • Improve the effectiveness of reporting by allowing for the easy exploration of the impact of multiple dimensions on performance outcomes.
    • Identify and measure variation in process duration times to identify root quality issues.
    • Compare process times with established benchmarks in real time
    • Mitigate quality issues by acting on insight gained from visualizing the cause of variation
    • Provide Performance Measurement tools to streamline the regulatory and accreditation processes.
    • Simplify the effort to establish additional credentials and submissions for award applications (such as American Hospital Association, Baldridge).

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