G2 Works Analytics Solutions: Short-Stay Management

Enforcement of the final CMS Two-Midnight Rule begins March 2015. Under this legislation, inpatient stays of less than two midnights will NO LONGER be reimbursed at the Inpatient Rate, but will be paid at the Observation Rate. Conservative estimates suggest that 6.7% of current inpatient admissions will revert to outpatient admissions* — which translates to millions of dollars in lost revenue.

Is your facility prepared for an audit?

G2 Works offers timely, analytical services to help you avoid misclassification of patient stays and the penalties that may follow. We track your clinical documentation and proactively notify clinical leadership of the data points and trends that could negatively impact your facility per the Two-Midnight Rule. Best of all, we access the systems you already have in place, so there’s no need for new technology purchases or cumbersome changes to workflows!

*Current estimate based on a study by King and Spalding

Key Services

    • Assess clinical workflow and map critical data elements for measurement and reporting
    • Conduct data review and analysis at 8-hour intervals
    • Continuously validate data quality and integrity, and potential misclassifications
    • Identify and alert leadership of ongoing trends or issues in the data that suggest need for changes in the level of care
    • Continuously monitor dollar value of intervention and corrections

Is your hospital at risk?

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