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Why Do We Do What We Do???


There’s that question again…

This morning I read the article “Why Are Physician Engagement Scores So Dismal?” by Dr.Richard Gunderman.

The article reinforced for me intellectually what 35 years of being in healthcare technology has shown me in reality. The reasons cited in the article:

  • the lack of transparency
  • out of touch C-Suites
  • different standards of evaluation, and
  • the bureaucratization of healthcare

all speak to a dysfunctional environment.

The real dilemma for our clinical talent in today’s world is that no one speaks to their reason for becoming who they are. Everyone of us understands what we do to make a living. Some of us even understand how we get it done. But the connection we have to the outside world and to each other is the “Why” we do what we do. It is that connection that makes us gravitate to each other.

There is no other profession that I can think of that makes a more personal connection than that of a care giver and a patient. Yet, how we measure, how we pay for it is so far removed from the actual experience itself, that we all loose sight of the reasons. Our Clinical people are disenchanted because the very reason they get up every morning, helping others, is lost in the fog of margins and missions. If we want this to change, then we as consumers must lead.

I implore my generation, the “Baby-boomers”- the most manipulative self-seeking group of people to not settle for second best. We changed many things over the years. We can change this as well!!!

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